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Women’s Day: Its Her Date to Rule!

For years now, Bangladesh has been playing the role of a keen host when it comes to celebrating the Women’s Day.  Not only for Bangladesh but the day also holds much importance for many other nations of the world. But, why should that be? Is a single day really enough to shower a woman with ample of respect for each of her achievements and sacrifices?


Across the world, communities and organizations utilize the occasion of Women’s Day to raise their voices against issues which have been harming the womanhood for ages now. These groups of people are not your regular feminists. They are just a band of the same-natured human beings who wish to bring a stop to gender discrimination and promote equality. Given the day has so much significance in the eyes of people now, it happens to be the perfect time to encourage the world to stop its oppression on our mothers, sisters, wives or daughters.


In the past, there was an unfortunate time when the common thought prevailing in the minds of people was that men alone have to bear the entire burden of managing the bread and butter for their families. But, things changed soon.


Women were found to raise their voices against such practices and they started to demand their rights to earn. Thus, the practice of observing the Women’s Day came into being. Not only did it then give the women some sort of a platform to fight for liberty out of every age-old theories but it also proved to be the shelter under which the womenfolk could have bond together.  Because of such a revolution, today, women have gained access to the job market all over the world and they have managed to prove to the globe that it is even possible for them to sell their labor, like men do, so as to support their families either out of need or because of an unemployed father or husband.


As an international celebration, 8th March has continued to be the day for honoring feminism.   It is a matter of great satisfaction that the celebration reached its hundredth year of being back in 2011. The very fact that people have continued to observe Women’s Day for more than a century paints a hopeful picture for those women who are going to have tomorrow as their future. But, what is this celebration all about? It is to rejoice each year the success of those women who have excelled in the fields of politics, economical and social gains.


Having said all that, it is still a long way to go for the women in Bangladesh. Even though, the womenfolk form half of the entire population for the country, cries of injustice are still heard as far as the rights of women are concerned.  Indiscrimination between her and a man is still a reality here. The cycle starts right from the start of her birth.


This is, although, where observing occasions like the Women’s Day can help to bring about some change. Nor will it only encourage consciousness amongst the society but it will also help to break the unending series of discrimination which flows straight from her own home and then into the society itself. Often such forms of prejudice may give rise to far uglier nature of violence against women and the list includes acid-throwing, rape and murder!


Women’s Day will forever continue to hold a special place in the hearts of womankind. Till date, it has continued to install faith and a strange level of confidence in the hearts of those women who perhaps had never even dreamed of reaching a success that could be as higher as the sky. It will always remain to be an occasion which can help to identify what a woman has achieved through her years of effort in her very field. Bangladesh can particularly be positively affected by the occurrence of Women’s Day. It can award our rural women with the awareness of expecting much more in life and, that is, not because of being somebody’s daughter or wife. It is just because they are a Woman!



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