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Maternal Mortality in Bangladesh: Present Status

As far as the maternal mortality rates are concerned, Bangladesh has had a boost in its image regarding the fact that less numbers of expecting mothers are dying today than they did few decades back.  Statistics reveal that precisely after thirty years of working strenuously against it, the country has successfully managed to inspire a downfall in the numbers of mothers’ dying pre or post pregnancy.


According to the latest inspection carried out, the number of lives lost in case of expecting mothers surged down precisely by a percentage of 68 in the localities under the supervision of the ICDDR, B; the data collected also spoke of a good performance by the government, during the years between 1976 to 2005, the mortality rate came down by 54 % in those expanses under the responsibility of the government.


As per a government survey done in 2011, the maternal mortality ratio (MMR), in the very last decade, has seen a decline to being only 194 out of every one lakh live births taking place in the country. This is something hopeful because, back in 2001, the MMR was 322 per one lakh live births.



Data collected over three decades reveal an astounding fact. The county saw fewer intakes of skilled people to deal with birth measures either in cities or at villages and yet, the rate of maternal mortality has still fallen. The probable explanation to this is that expecting mothers were given proper treatment and care when emergencies were raised. The constant presence of midwives in local hospitals also helped to reduce down the possibilities of the mother’s and the newborn child’s death.


Each government, which came to power, since then has invested money in the education of midwives, improving the services required during child birth and risk-free methods of abortion. It is, however, believed that factors like educating the female populace, developing the economic conditions of poor families and riddance from poverty are also crucial to uphold the much talked-about accomplishments achieved by ICDDR, B and the government.


Locally, it has been seen that women who have had the privilege of attending school for a period of about eight or so years had only about 33% possibility of dying, during the nine month model of pregnancy or with the forty-two days of giving birth, in comparison to that women who has never been to school. Now, if this woman with no education went and had abortion done, then, her chances of losing her life would be higher by no more than 11 times in contrast to the educated woman.

It is expected that the country may shortly be one of those who have successfully managed to bring down the mortality rate within a decade, in case of expecting mothers, by the staggering percentage of 50, through the fulfillment of the MDG5 (Millennium Development Goal Five) by 2015. To be able to achieve this feat, Bangladesh needs to bring down the MMR to 143 for every one lakh of live births within this time model. Whether this is an achievable target or not, only time can tell but, so far the picture is really looking promising for Bangladesh – it really has come a long way to tackle the unfortunate existence of maternal mortality!


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